The Company’s Customer is entitled to express its dissatisfaction with insurance services, including the provision/failure to provide relevant information, inappropriate consultation, inaccurate information or other deficiencies, both verbally and in writing.

customers can submit a claim verbally both at the legal address and via the company’s hotline at (+995 32) 2 24 44 54. A written claim may be filed at the following address: Address:  Ana Kalandadze st. N4, Tbilisi, available at the following email address:, or by filling out the form below on the Website.

If the customer indicates in his claim that he wishes to be served by the insurance company by e-mail, the company is entitled to send the decision to the e-mail address. In other cases, the Company will provide the Customer with the decision in the form in which the claim was filed.

The law department of GREEN INSURANCE GEORGIA is qualified to review and make the relevant decision about the claim.

The Law Department will review the customer’s claim under this procedure, prepare a relevant decision and provide the customer within 10 calendar days.

Claims related to compulsory insurance of civil liability of the owner of a motor vehicle registered in a foreign country moving on the territory of Georgia are subject to the “Claims Review Procedures” approved by the NPL “Compulsory Insurance Center”.

According to the instructions of the  “Compulsory Insurance Center”, the maximum period for the Center/Insurer to review the claim and respond to the Customer should be no later than 15 (fifteen) calendar days after the full submission of the relevant documentation.


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