“You are the first in this issue and whatever motorcycles me and my friends have, we will insure in your company” – Jaba Mamatsashvili. The total amount of damage to the motorcycle had been reimbursed.

Jaba Mamatsashvilis’s brand new BMW model of motorcycle had been insured by GREEN INSURANCE GEORGIA. As a result of the accident the motorcycle was completely damaged. As a result of the accident the motorcycle was completely damaged.

  • How did you find us?

A friend advised me to contact your company. He also has a motorcycle insured by you. You were recommended because my friend was very satisfied and so I decided to work with you.

was used to have contact with other insurance companies, but I got off the motorcycle for the first time. You are the first in this matter and probably whatever motorcycles me and my friends have, we will definitely insure with you. This is because I saw the right and healthy attitude on your part. We had common interests in general. The stereotype that the interest of the insurer is not to compensate for the loss shattered, and I got what I had expected.

  • How would you describe your first collaboration with us? Did you first talk on the phone or come into the office? What was your first impression?

I called first, then your representative Ilia came. Very competent and good person with whom I found out in every detail. Everything happened on the spot, the motorcycle lit up, the terms of the contract went through. Everything was so comfortable.

When I heard about you, I bought the insurance policy in two or three days.

  • Please, remember your accident day.

The police blame me in not to have the distance from the car. Maybe it is right, but there is very difficult to have a big distance in Tbilisi. The biker is always to blame When he/she crashes. Our lives are at stake In the sandbox, but for others – some parts of the car are damaged. So, the biker must do everything to travel as safely as possible and also sign an insurance contract.

  • How long did it take to compensate the damage? Was the deadline acceptable for you?

The damage was compensated sooner than I expected. In a very short time. I guessed that this procedure would be delayed for several months. We signed the Insurance Accident Regulation document on Thursday and money transferred the same day. We also worked with the affected third party well. He was also reimbursed, and I want to tell you that even GREEN INSURANCE GEORGIA’d expensed what did not belong to him. There was an evacuator flow, drag-and-drop. I needed to run.

For the injured person, every move is a serious problem. Look for an evacuator, wait, look into death and think about it is so tiresome. GREEN INSURANCE GEORGIA took it all on its own, I’m not even bothered.

  • What about the services centers with whom GREEN INSURANCE GEORGIA works?

My motorcycle was rated really reasonable. I waited for that.

The companies with whom GREEN INSURANCE GEORGIA works are leading companies and are not outsourced service centers.

  • What would you say to bikers who don’t have a motorcycle insurance?

No matter what kind of motorcycle you have, caution is still essential. So, we have to tell these people to be very careful, not to play fate, and not to try. While the time factor also becomes decisive, it is better to be insured. To live in the 21st century without restraint, I think, is unacceptable.

Jogging, costs, problems, dealing with the accident, avoiding all this, just sitting at home and depositing money into the account, believe me there is nothing more fun.