GREEN INSURANCE GEORGIA’s New Project – Biker Women

Bikers’ happiness hormone is released in parallel with adrenaline. It is clear that the happiness does not have sex.

International insurance company GREEN INSURANCE GEORGIA has been involved in motorcycle insurance for the third year. It has turned out that the product is a niche for the company. Kamara was the first to offer motorcycle insurance to its customers. GREEN INSURANCE GEORGIA has begun to clarify the desires of bikers and developed the product in consultation with them, the motorcycle insurance offer has improved over time and is tailored to the customer’s needs.

The project – Biker women serve to illustrate their lifestyle. Not only are they driven by two-wheeled transport, they are primarily human beings who are entrusted with life or business responsibilities, are successful, and have incredible purpose. Some of them have been opposed by their family members or the society, but perhaps this is the kind of life they choose, the desire to drive and the adrenaline rush.

Currently, there is a part of society that expresses astonishment at the sight of Biker and, in particular, Biker women. However, these women are successful, purposeful, courageous, and distinguished by their ability to move dangerously. However, today, when insurance is available, behaving the dangerous sport into as a source of life and energy sport is the best solution.

Insurance company “GREEN INSURANCE GEORGIA” offers its customers the insurance for auto, property, cargo and etc., besides motorcycle insurance.

In carrying out each of GREEN INSURANCE GEORGIA’s projects, one of the company’s main goals is to promote and support important issues for society, including the ideology of equality between men and women.